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Application for Water Service


All Applications for water service
are handled at:


Weaverville Town Hall
30 South Main Street
P. O. Box 338
Weaverville, NC 28787
(828) 645-7116


Fax (828) 645-4776


Office Hours: 8:30am to 5:00pm Monday - Friday

Availability of Water
Obtaining a NEW Water Connection
Single Family Homes (only)


Customers wishing to obtain a NEW water service for Single Family Home must complete an APPLICATION FOR WATER TAP AND SERVICE CONNECTION.  The Water Department will evaluate the application to determine if Water Service is available at the requeted location.


Once the Application has been processed, the Applicant will be notified as to the availability of service and advised as to applicable Tap and Capacity Depletion Fees.  An APPROVED Application is only valid if applicable Tap and/or Depletion Fees are paid within 30 days of approval of the Application. Service Charges and Deposits apply to all new accounts as indicated in the box at the left.


The Application may be obtained from the Weaverville Town Hall or may be downloaded from this web site.  Be sure to include a detail description of the location where service is to be located or attach a tax map or plat indicating the location.  The Application cannot be processed if the Department cannot accurately determine the location.  The completed application may be returned to Town Hall by Mail, Hand Delevery or FAX (828) 645-4776.  There is no charge for processing this Application.

Establishing Service Through an Existing Connection

Customers wishing to establish water service through an existing connection (existing home or business previously served by Town water) will need to visit Town Hall and complete an APPLICATION FOR WATER SERVICE.  Required information includes:


bulletOwner Name
bulletOwner Mailing Address
bulletOwner Phone Number
bulletService Address
bulletBilling Address


Accounts are opened only in the name of the OWNER of the property.   Water Service to rental property must be established in the owners name.

Service Charge - There is a $25.00 Service Charge for setting up a new water account.


Deposit - A Deposit of $80.00 INSIDE Town and $160.00 OUTSIDE Town is charged for new residential accounts (based on a 5/8" x 3/4" meter size). Contact the Town regarding deposits for larger meter sizes.   Residential deposits are returned to the owner after one year with no delinquent bills.


Commitment to Supply Water
Obtaining a NEW Water Connection
Commercial, Industrial, Multi-Family


Persons wishing to obtain water service for uses other than Single Family Homes as indicated above can do so by completing an  APPLICATION FOR A COMMITMENT LETTER

After receipt of an APPLICATION FOR A COMMITMENT LETTER the Department will complete the necessary engineering review to determine if water service is available for the requested use at the requested location.  If water service is available, a Commitment Letter will be issued stating the availability of water and any conditions and restrictions that may apply.  If water service is not available the Applicant will be so advised.

Commitment Letters are valid for a period of one year and may be renewed by the Applicant for an additional one year period.   Extension of Commitment Letters beyond the second year is in accordance with applicable Town Code(s).


The APPLICATION FOR COMMITMENT LETTER may be obtained from the Weaverville Town Hall, Weaverville Public Works or may be downloaded from this web site.  In completing the Application be sure to include ALL INFORMATION REQUESTED as to Type of Service, Capacity Requested, Project Description, AND ATTACHMENTS as indicated on the Application.   Incomplete Applications will not be processed .  The completed application may be returned to Town Hall by Mail, Hand Delivery.  There is a non-refundable charge of $35.00 for processing this Application.  Upon approval, the applicant will be responsible for paying a Commitment Fee based upon the size and number of connection involved in the commitment.


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